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What do Jean-Paul Goude, one of the world’s greatest publicists and designers, whose clever, sumptuous productions evoke the wildest of fantasies and advocate for diversity like none other; John Londoño, photographer, photo director and director; Michel Robichaud, Québécois fashion pioneer; François Cardinal, chief editor-writer of La Presse; and famous architect Pierre Thibault have in common? Each of their journeys is filled with rousing and unique tales that have led them to top, which they are gracious enough to share during FDM Talks.

Behind the greatest works of art stand influencers filled with infinite imagination. From the 21st to the 24th of August, connect with our speakers as dreams become reality through their innovation in fashion and design!

The 2017 Fashion & Design Festival invites you to experience a vibrant line up of conferences hosted by the most influential companies worldwide!!!