Lucid Realities | Immersive exhibition

18 July | 10h00 AM

Dreams, memories, and reflections… The third instalment of the Sensory Stories series, Lucid Realities, invites visitors to navigate previously unknowable worlds. Step inside dreams, nightmares, fantasies, and recollections such as walking in space, inhabiting another person’s body, flying like a bird, or exploring secret locations. Being transported to past, current, and imagined realities using immersive technologies, and being exposed to people and situations that are typically inaccessible to us, elicits more visceral and emotional reactions.

Experience new stories and interactive installations from storytelling pioneers that incorporate technologies ranging from artificial intelligence, mixed reality, haptics, facial-recognition and biofeedback, and allow you to explore, touch and feel – and ask questions. The programming features a collection of the very best new immersive experiences that engage all of the senses and redefine the way we experience narrative.


Phi Center | July 18th to December 16th, 2017