Interview – Philippe Dubuc

Philippe Dubuc by Philippe Dubuc, menswear fashion designer.


What is the story behind your brand? And how would you describe it?
The brand was born out of a pure personal need to express myself through my creations, to tell a timeless story and above all for the pleasure of enhancing the people who wear them with precise cuts, graphic and modern lines and complex but subtle details.  

What is your creative process?
Fabrics dictate the fall of a garment, it is by using new materials that I manage to propose a different style and structure to my garments.

What has inspired your latest collection?
The textures and the visual aspect of the fabrics, whether it be embroidered stripes, faded effects or coated finishes, allow me to create the new suit that evolves according to the needs of the day. 

What are your influences?
The architecture of modern life, urban contrasts, raw but refined textures and, above all, a timelessness to the styles proposed in order to offer a range of products beyond seasons.  

What is your signature piece?
The jacket.

Who is the Philippe Dubuc man?
He is multiple. Above all, he is looking for a refined silhouette and a non-generic product. He is decidedly modern and uncomplicated.

What is your fondest fashion memory?
It is to remember, day after day, to whom and for whom I image my garments and why I practice this profession, so beautiful and complex. 

How are you coping with COVID?
By maintaining good physical and mental health, and with good wine! 

On a different note… Which book is on your nightstand at the moment?
“The Plague” by Albert Camus, for those who want to take their mind off things…

Which song are you listening to over and over?
“Noir éden” by Peter Peter. 

Which television series are you binge watching?
 “Hollywood” (Netflix) for its art direction and its message. 

 What is your favorite recipe of the moment?
All the comfort food.

Which movie inspires you?
“Saint Laurent” directed by Bertrand Bonello.

Andrew McNally

When asked what it is that I do for work, I like to joke that I am a fashion hybrid. I am lucky enough to work in various ways within this industry which I am passionate about. I am a fashion columnist at Journal de Montreal for which I write for different columns, including Mode de stars (Fashion of the Stars) and Dans la garde-robe de… (A Glimpse In His.Her Closet…). I also do image consulting for several performers and actors in the Quebec entertainment industry. In addition, I work behind the scenes as an Artistic Director at many fashion events and fashion shows. The rest of my time is spent teaching fashion at LaSalle College.