How to wear the mask in a trendy way with Genevieve Borne

When the pandemic began, I decided that wearing the mask was going to be fun. Another great opportunity to express my personal style.

Since you have to wear it, why not have fun? And integrate it into your wardrobe?

The surgical mask is very effective but does not always match our outfits. And although social events have decreased a lot, I still have the desire to wear more chic masks on certain occasions. I hired Montreal designer Kim Yen to create them.

Since I LOVE pink, I asked her to make me one with little rosettes and another in pink satin with a cute little black bow. I am so delighted with the result that I wanted to immortalize her creations in a photoshoot, pairing them with fashionable clothes!

For my outfits, it went without saying that I was going to wear a dress and jumpsuit from Faith and Love. The most recent creations by designer Louise Cusson totally charm me! Her jean jumpsuit with puffed shoulders is straight out of the disco years! That’s why I wore it with my vintage roller skates to remind me of those great times.

The Vichy patterned dress called for total elegance! I put on the gorgeous dusty rose suede high heels from Quebec label Angela Mitchell and put on some pretty leather gloves. The satin mask with the black bow completes the look wonderfully, making this outfit feminine and flirty. 

The one who captured this fashion concept is my accomplice-photographer Marianne Lévesque. I find her extremely talented. I love her framing and her visual approach. In addition, Marianne is very physical! Seeing her circling around me, crouching down, laying down on the floor to create the perfect low-angle image makes me smile and encourages me to give her more through my poses!

The shooting took place in a fabulous location in Montreal: the MIL Campus, which hosts the new Sciences pavilion of the University of Montreal in its very design environment. The large glass surfaces and the many vanishing lines are particularly inspiring for the shots.

This photoshoot was also an opportunity for me to highlight the immense talent of these three young women whom I greatly admire. Kim Yen, who has created masks that are so pretty they add hope and whimsy in these rather gloomy times. Louise Cusson from Faith and Love who invents original clothes that totally charm me. And to crystallize it all : Marianne the young fairy-photographer who always sees the magic in her lens!

And since the famous mask is now part of our daily lives, why not make it the ultimate fashion accessory? I wanted, through this photoshoot, to demonstrate that you can be both masked AND stylish!

Photography –  Marianne Lévesque
Masks– Kim Yen
Clothing – Faith and Love
Shoes – Angela Mitchell