Interior design accounts you must follow

Are you an interior design lover? Do you love using your nice little hands in fun and creative projects? We definitely understand, because we are addicted to all kinds of design. Colorful? Soft? We do not always like the same type of inspiration, this is why we prepared a nice list with different accounts to please each and everyone of you. YAY.


DIY and interior design Instagram accounts


Must have accounts to follow whether you are a beginner or a fanatic. Always nice to find new ideas based on different worlds, styles and ambiances.


Marianne Plaisance

Queen of colors. She has a unique space, and we know her pompom wall pretty well, (indeed, we are jealous.). Her brain is full of unique ideas to add some spice to your space and use all your creativity.



A tiles lover, pretty known for her shaped mirror. Thanks to her, every handcrafting project looks easy, so why not trying different projects to personalize your nice home. Why buy them when you can create them from scratch?



These two sisters say it well “stay home + make something”. Their account is fresh, natural and we really like their home vibe. Lots of tricks. They even have a blog where they  write down all their advice.



She likes vintage and old houses. So much good advices to find nice interior design pieces and furniture to decorate your place and give a second life to many objects.



An account full of colorful and original ideas to twik your own space to your effigy. One look and you have 40 ideas, all as good as the other.



An amazing ambiance to make you smile. Who said that a mix of colors and patterns would not be a goo fit? It is surely not him who would say it. It is stylish.


Instagram accounts to shop 



A vintage selection of different objects, whether it is dishes or decorative accessories. You will find anything you like to make the difference at your place.



A nice account to find unique vintage articles to add THE original touch to every room of your house to make your space a true design museum.



If you are looking for funky accessories, carpets or candles, it is the place. Time to show your personality through these decorative pieces.



To make your home worth every interior design magazines (no worries, every place deserves it), you have to check this one for design furniture.


Gustaf Westman

Here you’ll find trendy furniture as f***. Our fav influencers have these furniture and honestly we love the different shapes and colors. Nice pieces to make the difference.


**Do you love interior design as much as we do?**