Interview – Marie Saint Pierre

Maison Marie Saint Pierre by Marie Saint Pierre, Founder and Designer. 


How was your brand born and how would you describe it ?
For nearly 35 years I have been building the brand identity, local know-how and infrastructure necessary to position Marie Saint Pierre as Canada’s premier luxury house with a 360-degree development and production chain. This allows for skillful and intelligent development and production. At the heart of creation, the notions of quality, efficiency, eco-responsibility and well-being permeate every step of my supply and production chain as a symbol of REINVENTED LUXURY.

Tell me about your creative process?
My creative process stems from a reflection on raw materials, volumes, function and identity. The material is the starting point for all collections, volumes and tailoring are based on movement and research into new techniques that enrich the creative work and enhance the quality and functionality of each piece. I work on a live model which allows me to see the movement of each piece and in my opinion this makes the garment take all its shape when it is worn. I also create accessories and items for the home that align with the values of the Maison as they are all developed in-house and not under license. 

What has inspired your latest collection?
The women I dress are my inspiration. I have the privilege of dressing self-confident women who wear my creations because they provide them with a power of both protection and seduction, a kind of modern armor they can rely on at all times.

What are your current influences?
Everything around me influences me, especially nature and its fragility in the face of climate change. I try to look at a reality in all its decadence. Through my artistic gesture I extract its beauty. The subjects of the latest collections talk about endangered insects, plastic waste dumped by the sea, nomadism and global warming.  


What is your brand’s flagship product?
Our range of classics remains the mainstay of our brand. We develop nearly 350 styles a year (I hope that the current situation will slow down this imposed rhythm), so it is difficult to mention a single product, but in a more technical way, our semi-structured hybrid pieces are still the masterpieces of the collections.

Who are the woman and the man Marie Saint Pierre?
As I mentioned above, I dress women (and men more recently) of action who have the desire to change things. For them, clothing is more than a simple reflection of their status, it is at the centre of their character and carries a message and symbolizes movement, individuality and well-being.

What is your most beautiful fashion-related memory?
Presenting my collection in Paris in 1995

How are you meeting the challenges of COVID?
I believe this crisis will permanently shake up our industry. Especially in the luxury segment where the product has been systematically deprived of its timelessness. Trade has had the upper hand over quality, which is the very essence of luxury. Fortunately we are a little bit on the fringe of this trend because our production, which we wanted to be local, remains limited in its expansion, which creates rarity.

On a different note… which book is on your bedside table?
My iPhone. I don’t have the concentration and time to read at the moment so I’m turning to podcasts.

Which song are you listening to over and over?
Again, I don’t listen to a song over and over again, but sometimes some artists like Jacob Gurevitsch or my new playlist on Spotify (MSP).

Which television series are you binge watching?
Right now I’m hooked on “The Eddy”. 

What is your favorite recipe of the moment?
Homemade bread.

And which movie inspires you?
Tough question! How do you choose one when there are so many wonderful works?
I really like the work of Jean-Marc Vallée, Denis Villeneuve, Lea Pool and Denis Arcand, among others.

Andrew McNally

When asked what it is that I do for work, I like to joke that I am a fashion hybrid. I am lucky enough to work in various ways within this industry which I am passionate about. I am a fashion columnist at Journal de Montreal for which I write for different columns, including Mode de stars (Fashion of the Stars) and Dans la garde-robe de… (A Glimpse In His.Her Closet…). I also do image consulting for several performers and actors in the Quebec entertainment industry. In addition, I work behind the scenes as an Artistic Director at many fashion events and fashion shows. The rest of my time is spent teaching fashion at LaSalle College.