Les midis affaires

In the wake of what we are going through and in the face of the multiple changes that retailers are experiencing, it becomes important to ask “What will the retail space be like following the crisis we are going through?” ”

Hosted by Jacques Nantel, professor, researcher and retail specialist, our webinar welcomes leaders from the fields of commerce, real estate, architecture and urban planning to offer you a panel rich in discussion.

Our guests :
Jean-François Grenier – Senior Director, Groupe Altus
Jonathan Trude – Executive Vice President, Founder, Trudel Corporation
Michel Bouchard – Partner, Onico Architecture et design tactique
Gérard Beaudet – Professor, School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Planning, Université de Montréal


On another note, in collaboration with Fashion Spectrum, we present a webinar highlighting young people from three major Montreal management universities who are discussing the future of fashion in a changing world.

The discussion will also present the panelist’s vision on the future of various topics: the circular economy, sustainable development movements, job opportunities in times of potential recession and distancing, and many more.

Our guests :

Camille Lamontagne, UQAM School of Fashion young graduate
Laurence Marchand, a young woman passionate about fashion and finance.
William Marquis, Fashion Marketing graduate
Lucie Peper, graduate of McGill University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology