COLLÈGE LASALLE : Exubérance Défilé 2019

COLLÈGE LASALLE : Exubérance Défilé 2019

To mark its 60th anniversary on a grand scale, LaSalle College,  will present Exuberance, a fascinating multidisciplinary show-parade celebrating art in all its forms, with an electrifying performance of Y Pop staged by
David Strasbourg, dancers and models will share the stage to captivate the audience.

Be prepared for a great journey through time as the creations of successful graduates and emerging designers from LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design, the largest! Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint Pierre, Jérôme C. Rousseau and Mariouche Gagné, to name only those who are there, in the full-screen feature with the presentation of impressive. The colorful show will continue in a breath of fresh air with an unveiling of creations completely exploded and colorful young graduates of LaSalle College.

Toutes les dates

  • Friday 23 August 21:30
    Scène Principale

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