Warlight by Cyntault Créations & Jeff Malo

Warlight by Cyntault Créations & Jeff Malo

“Warlight” is a multidisciplinary conceptual show combining digital art, visual art, fashion design, sound design and performance.

This show presents the conceptual work of Cynthia Brault, costume designer and silicone designer at Cyntault Créations through costumes evoking the themes of war and the environmental crisis, as well as that of Jeff Malo, producer, digital artist, video jockey (VJ ) and lightpainter.

The narrative gradation of the show, which passes from a striking and moving opening scene, to a sweet and poignant finale, will become a multidisciplinary catharsis for the spectators. Warlight is a manifesto setting out a single demand, in summary “BRING BACK THE LIGHT”.

See you at the Festival Mode + Design from August 25 to 28!


Cynthia Brault : Designer de silicone à Montréal, elle crée de la Fantaisie prêt-à-porter depuis 2016.

Jeff Malo  : photographe de formation, i est à la fois producteur, réalisateur et artiste visuel numérique.


INSTAGRAM –  @cyntault_creations et @malojeff

FACEBOOK – @Cyntault Créations et @jeffmalo