KATA FASHION CO. presents its fashion show Chiens du Ciel inspired by the streetwear trends and oversized cuts of the 90’s and 2000’s, rethought with KATA’s provocative and non-conformist punk attitude.

Transport yourself into this colorful, angelic world, but also dark and full of vices. A world where lust, provocation and overdoses are mixed together. The culmination of an era of flamboyance, tarnished by substance abuse and the individual race for success and popularity. A decade where XXL, Denim, Tracksuits, Velour, Air Force 1 and Puffer Jackets are as essential as the new album of 50 Cent and Jay-Z. An era where Britney shaves her head, Eminem publicly insults his mother in a Valium abuse and chrome, platinum and diamonds rub shoulders with decay and darkness.

See you at the Fashion + Design Festival from August 25th to 28th!


INSTAGRAM – @kata_fashion_co

WEB SITE – https://katafashion.ca/

All dates

  • Saturday 27 August 17:30
  • Saturday 27 August 20:00

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