In the afternoon (Discussion)

In the evening, 2 performances


LIGNES DE FUITE is a non-profit association whose mission is to support Montreal’s most promising fashion students and recent graduates by providing them with guidance, resources, and a platform through which they can gain both local and international recognition.

You will also be able to support the LIGNES DE FUITE initiative by purchasing a copy of our recent publication, LIGNES DE FUITE vol.II.

bilingual conversation will be held between recent graduates, fashion design students, and established industry leaders that aims to underline what is needed to foster the development of Montreal-based emergent designers in the context of globalization, sustainability, and new technological means of communication. The host of the conversation will be Roxanne Ouellet-Bernier (@roblejour). The participating, established industry leaders are Founder of Lignes de Fuite Milan Tanedjikov (@Lignes_de_fuite), Founder of Under Pressure Festival and Deputy Mayor of Montreal Sterling Downey (@Seazlington), and Head Buyer and Curator of Special Projects at Simons Oceane Stanislas (@oceane_stanislas). The recent graduates and fashion design students that will be participating are Kevin Quang Thái Nguyễn (@Kevin_______eleven), Joshua Boudreau (@ _joboudreau), and Élisabeth Atchadé (@es8nam).


In the evening, LIGNES DE FUITE will present Kevin Quang Thái Nguyễn’s debut collection, “Thốt Ra.” Kevin is a recent graduate of LaSalle College who just completed the LIGNES DE FUITE Mentoring Program. Since graduating this year, Kevin has won the ELLE Canada Recent Graduate Award and also ranked 2nd at the semi-finals of the ARTS OF FASHION Competition out of 366 students from 29 countries and 116 schools.

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  • Saturday 21 August

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