The soft club is a collective of artist-curators gathering the artistic practices of Pénélope and Chloë, Mariane Stratis and Marion Paquette. The club is a flexible structure that leads to collaborative collaborations to better share, exchange, influence. On August 21, from 2 to 6 pm, the four artists will present their recent project Nous-tend.

We tend to take as materials the handkerchief attached and repeated as an object of expansion and communion. The project explores in several ways the experience of the collective and the doing-together. Through a meeting of gestures, the artists will erect an architecture that will take shape under the effect of a tension held by their four pillars.

We strive towards each other in tension or tenderness.

Toutes les dates

  • Wednesday 21 August 14:00
    Quartier des Spectacles

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