Village des Valeurs x Cary Tauben

Village des Valeurs x Cary Tauben

CAFA ‘Stylist of the year’ Cary Tauben, will showcase a collection of on-trend looks at this year’s Festival Mode & Design, featuring one-of-a-kind threads and accessories from Village des Valeurs. The Montreal native and avid thrift shopper is partnering with Village des Valeurs to celebrate self-expression and unique style, while also highlighting how reuse extends the life of clothing and supports our planet. This unique collection goes a step further in demonstrating the versatility of thrift and reuse by repurposing 30 thrifted looks previously highlighted at a Village des Valeurs x Cary Tauben show in Toronto this summer.

Tauben says, “What I love most about my work is inspiring those around me to have fun with fashion. I work on different scales of fashion – collaborating with high brands on one hand, and working with more accessible ones, and secondhand clothing on the other. Thrifting is a huge part of it for me and this upcoming collection exemplifies the thrill of the find that I so love. I’m really looking forward to Festival Mode & Design to showcase how I mix various thrifted items including high-end pieces from Village des Valeurs, to create innovative and free spirited looks that can be worked in so many different ways.”

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  • Saturday 24 August 21:30
    Scène Principale

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