Now in its fourth season, yung_alexander is a gender indifferent clothing label designed and produced in Toronto by Alexander Kershaw. Yung_alexander negotiates new silhouettes whose hybridity challenge the fluctuation of our present moment; the lines and structure of a garment in and of themselves are not neutral; but speak themselves/ Fueled by a desire to respect inclusivity and the complexities of contemporary identities, yung_alexander produces garments that disregard the binaries of gender and the niceties of social convention.

This season, yung_alexander takes us on a subversive and humourous visit to the offices, the service yards and parliaments of a distant, bizarrely near future present. Yung_alexander’s CEO ghosts and oil rig brides draw attention to the absurdity and oppressive nature of our power structures and hope to subvert and neutralize some of the more austere collars of our current social climate.

Toutes les dates

  • Wednesday 21 August 19:15
    Quartier des Spectacles

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